Earthwanderers  is  (going to be) a non-profit cooperarative organisation  which aims at  the creation of an intercultural colaborating network  of  people from all around, interesed into sharing their projects, works thoughts,  ideas and  more  with the perspective of a colaboration, in an ¨as  far as posible from the conventional profit-based means¨ context..(sounds complex but it´s  simplier!) .
It´s  a result of  the   interaction, through  activities  like :
  • free- form  art   project – hosting
  • E.L.E.T.S ( Extended Local Exchange Trade System) network colaboration. Based on the already existing  ones, we will try to extend our  posibilities for an alternative  trade through the combination of  low-scale cooperative trade with exchange trade (history shows it works)
  • comunity-interchange workshops&projects. We can share the knolwdge and skills from different areas, creating local or comunity workshops (Eco Construccion&Repair workshops, music workshops, mountaineering, cultivation & permaculture  practice, are some examples..)
p.s : The majority of  the ideas are not new, theυ are´nt even innovative, they have already  been trιed  in the past, and showed that a different way of  co-working, conviving, comunicating, and coexisting is posible.the rest is future  

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