Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, had the first contact with strings and key instruments, initially close to Argiro Hatzimbalioti, to follow later, acoustic bass with Alexandros Stivaktis.

2006: studies on Sound Engineering in Crete (department of Music Technology and Acoustics Engineering, Rethymno). Gradually orienting to the study of traditional double-string plucked instruments and modal music idioms beginning from the diverse folk and urban genres found in Greece and Balkan regions.

2008: at ‘Labyrinth‘ musical workshop in Crete, studying the eastern modal traditions centered in anatolian and balkan peninsula, wit ney, lavta (Constantinople lute) and bağlama. Seminars with: Ross Daly, Ömer Erdoğdular, Yurdal Tokcan, Evgenios Voulgaris, Periklis Papapetropoulos, Haris Lambrakis a.o.

2011: single project collaboration in ‘iViolini’ Luthier Workshop . Assistance in Luthiery, realization of seminars in Musical Acoustics. Music performances with violinist Vanesa Olivera (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

2012-2015: in Barcelona with internship in musIC project (music for Cochlear Implants – Music Technology Group/University of Pompeu Fabra), to follow with music performance and music production. Among collaborations: Yannis Papaioannou´s Trio Feta (Greek folk & Mediterranean sounds), Meydan ensemble (modal music), Kinesthisis with dancer Anais Muñoz), music performance in cultural associations and festivals as well as in a pioneer educational volunteer project at ‘Escola dels Encants‘ infant school (Barcelona).

2015-17: master classes with master chanter Mr. Panagiotis Neohoritis and ‘Romanós o Melodós´ ensemble in Byzantine and Ottoman music. (Thessaloniki, Greece). In the same period starts ‘Eviho’ SoundLab (Thessaloniki, Greece).

As sound engineer studio and live collaborations with: SCT (State Conservatory of Thessaloniki) world music ensemble, Locos de Atar, Phonos UPF (Alejandro Civilotti, Luis Nogueira a.o in musIC concert [music for Cochlear Implants]), Bal & Kan, Stray Blue, Piece of Joy  a.o.


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