As sound engineer in studio and live collaborations with: SCT (State Conservatory of Thessaloniki) world music ensemble, Dimos Papatzalakis, Locos de Atar, Phonos UPF (Alejandro Civilotti, Luis Nogueira a.o in musIC concert [music for Cochlear Implants]), Bal & Kan, Stray Blue, Piece of Joy , Aliyana duet and many other.


music activity

During the last two decades, his interest is oriented towards the study of new and old instruments, their possibilities and the way they contribute to contemporary music. Main references, the still existing and evolving plurality of popular music genres found in Greece, Balkan and Anatolian peninsulas, the middle east and the wider east-Mediterranean area.

In ‘Labyrinth’‘ workshop, in the island of Crete, meets many musicians and starts focusing on the study of modal musical idioms, mainly with ney and also with various types of plucked strings (bağlama, lavta, ud, cretan lute, bulgari, fretless guitar and bass).

‘Iridescences’ (2018) is his first LP in collaboration with musicians from different regions and cultures.

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