A time full of experiences and emotions, for every sound and  for every person we had the chance to meet. Here some audiovisual productıons with some artists we had the pleasure to collaborate with:

Sounds of Levant  – La Yamada de la Morena (Live Recording at the historical building of Ben Sousan Han, Thessaloniki)


Nikos Tzannis: Lyra of Istanbul (Lyra politiki – klasik kemence) Chrysostomos Vletsis: Oud, vocals Nikos Varelas: Frame drums

Recording/mixing: Nikos Papachristou Video: Christine Tsakmaka

© 2017 Éviho SoundLab productions


Aliyana  duet promotion video-clip (Barcelona, 2015)


Short-film production: ”El que tu sempre vas voler escoltar” (Vector Films, Barcelona, 2014)

1794520_534628966650724_1655648680_n 1620747_532969606816660_1957223395_n


Audiovisual production of musIC  (innovative concert for Cochlear Implant users, Caixa Forum, February 2013 , Barcelona). Live sound destinated for  magnetic loop system in order to be correctly perceived by C.I users




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