I have been working for more than 15 years with sound.

A time full of experiences and emotions, for every sound and  for every person i had the chance to meet. Here some audiovisual productıons with some artists i had the pleasure to collaborate with:

Sounds of Levant  – La Yamada de la Morena (Live Recording at the historical building of Ben Sousan Han, Thessaloniki)

Nikos Tzannis: Lyra of Istanbul (Lyra politiki – klasik kemence) Chrysostomos Vletsis: Oud, vocals Nikos Varelas: Frame drums

Recording/mixing: Nikos Papachristou Video: Christine Tsakmaka

© 2017 Éviho SoundLab productions


Aliyana  duet promotion video-clip (Barcelona, 2015)


Short-film production: ”El que tu sempre vas voler escoltar” (Vector Films, Barcelona, 2014)

1794520_534628966650724_1655648680_n 1620747_532969606816660_1957223395_n


Audiovisual production of musIC  (innovative concert for Cochlear Implant users, Caixa Forum, February 2013 , Barcelona). Live sound destinated for  magnetic loop system in order to be correctly perceived by C.I users




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