(Ελ)_Eδώ θα  δούμε κάποια μέρη του κόσμου δια φακου, ανθρώπου – μηχανής..

(En)_Here  we  will  navigate  some   places on earth  through the   lens ,  the  human’s &  the  machine’s  one . .

(Esp)_Desde aquí vamos a navegar por algunos lugares vía las  lentes, humana & de la  maquina.


περισσοτερες φωτογραφίες/more fotos/mas fotos en :  mountaineering fotography  &  wandering fotography                                          









Ήθελε τόσο να δεί τον Μ31..

He ‘s been there long time..but didn’ seem to worry too much..I asked his name.Promitheas..they say that he is the shadow that visits the beaches of Asterousia..he goes down rappeling..approaching the ‘pareakia’ that enjoy the life in the south..trying to get back the invention that stole from the gods for the human race..”

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  • World  landscapes  (images by A.M.P.M):

Sunset behind player.Central coast avenue.

Mural at Ladadika district.Thessaloniki

Το αλογάκι της Παναγίας/Madona’s horse..

Giant flower on acid dream.

Ancient Ireon settlement from above.

Ancient Phoenix settlement

In the jail with immigrants.Snack & storry telling time..

Mt. Kedros on evening mists.
South Rethymnon/Crete

Sunset at Falaserna ancient settlement..
West Chania.Crete

‘The Twins

Zagora village on morning clouds.

‘The Sahara efect’.Sand transport from desert resulting a spectacular field
Mesi village.Arkadi.Crete


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  1. Φάντης says:

    Άντε Νίκο καλή αρχή και καλή συνέχεια!
    Αχ,αυτό το Ρεθεμνος…

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