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Pyrinees, Pedra Forca

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St. Llorenc del Mont







Torelles, Penya del Moro


El Ektor preparandose

El Ektor preparandose

El Ektor en la 7a (nombre?..)

El Ektor en la 7a (nombre?..)




Near  but outside the city ;)..

Near but outside the city ;)..



Canal de las Damas, Montserrat

El Cordobes en estilo propio !   ;P

El Cordobes en estilo propio ! ;P











Central & south zone of the park, towards Villa L’ Angostura  on backround, as seen from Lanin

Volcan Lanin. High speeded- frozen air streams resulting accumulation of nubes
on top.Parque Nacional ‘Lanin’.Neuquen.AR

On the way to Lanin, entering the sedimentary zone

Volcan Lanin with it’s glacier (~3700 m.o.s.l)

Dawn at Huechulaufquen Lake
Parque Nacional ‘Lanin’.Neuquen.AR

~-44° – (-42)°lat, -70° long:

Shoulder of Cerro Hielo Azul, near Glacier Hielo Azul (~2450 m.o.s.l)
/T=-2° (but very windy).No sumit today.. ;P

Towards the sumit. On the other side Cerro Dedo Gordo’s blocks in clouds

Cerro Hielo Azul, on morning light

‘Natacion’ , a comunity Refuge  settled at a little plateau,  below Cerro HielO Azul

Lenga (Nothofagus Pumilio) forest  on the way to Cerro Hielo Azul
Rio Negro.AR

Ñire (Nothofagus Antartida) on autumn colours
on the way to Cerro Hielo Azul
Rio Negro.AR

Valley of El Bolson.
Rio Negro.AR

Leaving the park from northzone.On left Cerro Pico Trocado
‘Los Alerces’.Chubut.AR

In this particular region,the mountain blocks seemed to be settled in a diagonial direccion in contrast with the direccion of the other main clusters of the Argentinian Cordillera. The vegetacion lines can be observed, red leaved Ñire (Nothofagus Antartida), define clearly the Andine field (~1800 m.o.s.l)

Torrecillas glacier, as seen from Lag. Menendez.
Parque Nacional ‘Los Alerces’.Chubut.AR

Agaric colony on fallen trees
Parque Nacional ‘Los Alerces’.Chubut.AR

Mushroom colony on fallen ‘Lenga'(Nothofagus Pumilio)

‘Caña Colihue’.Local reed specie..Indigenous anchestors udes them for therapeutical purposeS among others
Parque Nacional ‘Los Alerces’.Chubut.AR

Situacion chain with cocineros peaks as seen from Futalaufquen lake
Parque Nacional ‘Los Alerces’.Chubut.AR

~ -52°- (-51°) lat, -72° long :

~180 pan

Cerro Polo is a little mountain opposite from the Fitz chain. Psychedelic like the moonscape!specially with a little green help.. ; P

Lago de los Tres &Glacier de Los Tres

Fitz chain as seen from Cerro Polo

The Fitz’s chain as seen from ‘Lago de los tres’ in a casual windy day!!

From left to right:the Torre chain, the Fitz chain and valley ‘De las vueltas’, as seen from mt.’Loma del pliegue tumbado’.
Parque Nacional ‘Los Glaciares’.Santa Cruz.AR

From left to right, mt Solo, Adela chain with glacier Torre below

Adela chain with it’s glacier, mt Grande and mt Torre in a nebulous shot

Glacier P.Moreno’s nosefront crushing on landrocks.
Parque Nacional ‘Los Glaciares’.South zone

P.Moreno glacier surrounded by the  southpatagonian clusters
Parque Nacional ‘Los Glaciares’, south zone.Santa Cruz.AR

Glacier P.Moreno as seen from B.Aires summit.
Glacier nosefront’s width~ 5 km, length~17 km, icepeaks(seracs) height from water level~50 mts.


Glacier’s ‘Murallon del Viedma’ nosefront

Torre glacier

‘Piedras Blancas’ glacier

Viedma glacier.Biggest nowdays among the rest of the South Patagonian Icefield. Gains ice masses from the inner icefield, while it’s tongue supplies the lake with sweet water

Seracs  on Viedma

Glacier ‘Piedras Blancas’ with it’s lake. Check out the ground devastation

Llittle top-rope time  on Viedma glacier!

Typical  ridge

Digging a BAR!!..relax time ;P


Torre’s eastface

Guillomet sumit

Fitz’s north face, as seen from Lago del Desierto
(Courtesy of Fabricio Manzoni)

Upper Torre’s east face

Torre’s east face lower balcony

Cerro Fitz Roy’s east face (~3451 m.o.s.l)
(Courtesy of Ramiro Rojas)

Poincenot sumit

2 glaciers (Adela&Grande) streams combination, resulting stripes

St. Exaupery sumit (Courtesy of Ramiro Rojas, gracias Ramiro)

Guillomet peaks lying behind Cerro Madsen’s sumit
(Courtesy of Ramiro Rojas)

Mermoz peaks on backround with Glacier Piedras Blancas on their feet

Κρήτη_White Mountains/Crete_Montañas Blancas/Creta

Troharis summit (2402 m.o.s.l)

Central peaks basin (~2200 m.o.s.l)

Endemic species on blossom under Pahnes summit (2454 m.o.s.l)

Pahnes summit and Samarias system on backround, a vegetation contrast

sediments & metamorfic rests below near ‘Troharis’ summit

Dusk at & summer rest

on the way to Pahnes summit (~2454 m.os.l)

Lefka Ori psychedelic landscape! @ @

the shepards come with their goats,they build some shelters called  ‘mitata'(μιτάτο)

south view after the ascense from the inner part of  the park.On the left back mt.Volakias with two of it’s gorges, Tripiti’s and Kladou

Panoramic view from Psilafi.On the left Omalos plateau, on backround the White Mountains chain

Samaria’s park entrance.On backround, the impressive ‘Gigilo’s’ big wall

looking at east ,just before ‘Kastro’ summit (~2218

Vorras (Kaimaktsalan)

Dusk  below  Profitis Ilias sumit (~2534 m.a.s.l)

Vorras chain.Looking north on backround ‘Belo Grotlo’ gorge, Tzena & Pinovo sumits.
North Greece

Dusk at Profitis Ilias sumit.Looking soutwest, on backround mt Gramos and mt Smolikas


Descending to ‘Zonaria’ from ‘Kakoskala'(~2800 m.a.s.l)

From left to right central and south’east summits, Stefani, Mitikas, Agios Antonios, Pagos, Kalogeros

Eastern+southern sumits:Pagos, Kalogeros,Metamorfosi, Enea Pirgoi, Kakavrakas Agios Antonios as seen from Diakopti’s pass

ascense from Louki to Mitikas sumit

species, species ..

Endemic species in the Louki..

Hospitable ‘Oropedio Mouson’ (Mouses Plateau) as seen from Zonaria pass..

Anarch climbers 😉

Climbing times

pan of route in Agiofaraggo, beside the almond-shaped cave\

route on west side of Agiofaraggo (name?..)

wild climber!  >-)

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