3.6 ‘Ιριδισμοί / Iridescences’ album presentation – live at Zogia, Thessaloniki

”‘Iridescences’ came up through time, as first work of Nikos Papachristou with the aim of approaching modality in contemporary music.
Everything starts in 2013, with a group of musicians in Barcelona, whose music inquietudes lead them to the exploration of the modal music traditions of the Mediterranean and Near East. Through time, prime ideas and improvisations will be transformed into compositions, whose influences are marked by the popular and classical music traditions of these regions. The recordings will be finally completed in Thessaloniki, some years later. The music material chooses between different instrument timbres, many of which have been traveling across these music traditions, making them belong in a bigger music family and in the same time being able to preserve their uniqueness.

With startpoint the music evolution in Greece during the last decades, nowadays these musics are more widely offered to be explored and studied, opening new ways of communication between cultures. Original but familiar patterns, forms and timbres meet again under a contemporary and creative prism.

In such a way ‘Iridescences’ came to light. As windings of multiple dimensions that surround us, into the ones that we can feel and perceive.”

[*‘Iridescences’;a lustrous rainbowlike play of color caused by differential refraction of light waves that tends to change as the angle of view changes]

31.3 In Situ project @ Studio Flamenco Pellizco


”Patterns that surround and follow us everyday, can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration or simply curiosity. By imitating or transforming these patterns we may redirect them towards us in the form of messages.

The same happens with human experiences, the ones lived as well as the ‘parallel’, the quantic ones. They may be revealed to us if we are able to observe them.

‘In Situ’ presents a performance just before the first under release (April 2018) LP of ´aémos modal ensemble´. An acousmatic setup with own compositions, improvisations that mimic the soundprints of our enviroment, and untold stories from the urban and rural musical landscapes of Balkans and Anatolia.

ticket fee: 4e



18.1 Aémos Ensemble Live @ ‘Ypogeio’ Venue, Thessaloniki

22-24 SEPTEMBER @ 8th Thessaloniki Eco Festival !


On 20th of August at Rimondi Hotel, Rethymno, CRETE !



Dear friends,

delighted to announce my participation in St. George International Music Festival.

5 days full of concerts, music activities and a seminar i will be teaching on Music Technology and Musical Acoustics.

17 – 23 July in a marvelous place around Volvi lake.
Join us to record, experiment with and play our music ideas LIVE !!

Contact – info:
Nikos Papachristou (,
Dimitris Kitsos ( – Festival artistic director

Check out FB event:

St. George International Music Festival 2017



Celebrating summer Solstice, at * NEON Art Cafe*, Thessaloniki


 15/6/17  – Presenting at * TABYA *, Thessaloniki


7o Houdetsi Music Festival 4  – 7 Αugust 2016

Great and pleased to share that stage  – See you all there!

 Saturday 21.5.2016



(CAT)_Dissabte 21 de maig tenim una gran festa grega a la plaça de Sant Corneli. Els grans Giorgos Manolakis (llaüt cretenc, bouzouki, veu) i Giorgos Papaioannou (violí, lavta) més alguns músics convidats ens faran a les 22h un concert de músiques gregues on també podrem ballar.

Abans, de 16:30 a 19:30, la Fotini Trigonaki impartirà un taller de danses cretenques i d’altres illes gregues (9 €, al pati de Vil·la Paquita; per a inscripcions, escriviu-nos a

També tindrem sopar per als que ho desitgeu! A partir de les 20:30, també a Sant Corneli, farem un àpat grec deliciós (12 € venda anticipada al Tarambana i Compàs de Cardedeu, i a la taverna Trelí Rodiá de Barcelona; 15 € el mateix dia).


Sunday 28.6.2015

Concert de Meydan Ensemble. Músiques del centre asiàtic al Nu- Cuina ecològica de mercat amb Iman Hajjar(Iran) a les percusions, Nikos Papachristou (Grècia) al ney, lavta i bağlama i Alexandre Guitart Luengo(Catalunya) al bağlama i rubab 


Saturday 27.6.2015


Friday 27.2.2015

meidan duet bona

Alexandre Guitart, ( baglama, bendir y rabab) junto con Nikos Papachristos (ney, lavta, saz) , se encuentran para comunicarse atraves de los idiomas musicales con un repertorio basado en melodías y canciones de las regiones actuales que comprenden Grecia, Turquía , Irán y Azerbayan. Historias musicadas que sugieren historias de amor y desamor, paisajes menudos rodeados de aguas saladas y majestuosas montañas. El concepto modal, característica principal de la música de estas regiones, se mantienen gracias a este repertorio tradicional y clásico que lo conforma.

Recorridos entre los caminos del este del Mediterráneo y el oriente próximo

Entrada Libre


Thursday 12.2.2015

the Helenic community of Catalunya presents an music gathering dedicated to:

                                         Música de Creta

Nikos Papachristos al llaüt, al saz i al ney, Stelios Togias al bendir, Christiana Vlanti (veu) i Yorgos Chondrakis al llaüt cretenc, ens presentaran un repertori de melodies i cançons que comprenen origens musicals que es troben a l’est de la Mediterrània, des de l’illa de Creta i les costes d’Àsia Menor fins al nord de Grècia. Històries musicades que ens parlen d’amor i desamor, de la vida, la mort i l’emigració. El concepte modal, característica principal de les músiques d’aquestes regions, es manté viu gràcies al gran repertori tradicional.

 Més informacións 


Saturday 20.12.14

LIVE ACTS for the celebration of 100 years of the metro of Barcelona

at ‘Universitat’ metro station hall



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