Breaking news; Iridescences LP Official Release!

Delighted to finally announce of the official release of ‘Iridescences’ LP (2018)!

Available digitally on CdBaby and BandCamp. Soon in physical distribution – Enjoy!!

About the album:

Iridescences’ came up through time, as first work of Nikos Papachristou with the aim of approaching modality in contemporary music.

Everything starts in 2013, with a group of musicians in Barcelona, whose music inquietudes lead them to the exploration of the modal music traditions of the Mediterranean and Near East. Through time, prime ideas and improvisations will be transformed into compositions, whose influences are marked by the popular and classical music traditions of these regions. The recordings will be finally completed in Thessaloniki, some years later. The music material chooses between different instrument timbres, many of which have been traveling across these music traditions, making them belong in a bigger music family and in the same time being able to preserve their uniqueness.

With startpoint the music evolution in Greece during the last decades, nowadays these musics are more widely offered to be explored and studied, opening new ways of communication between cultures. Original but familiar patterns, forms and timbres meet again under a contemporary and creative prism.

In such a way ‘Iridescences’ came to light. As windings of multiple dimensions that surround us, into the ones that we can feel and perceive.

Iridescences are:

Nikos Papachristou / Maria Melachrinou / Pavlos Spyropoulos / Kostas Poulianakis / Athanase Tsitsaris  / Giorgos Psaltis

[*Iridescences’;a lustrous rainbowlike play of color caused by differential refraction of light waves that tends to change as the angle of view changε]

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Sounds of Levant – La Yamada de la Morena (Live recording at Ben Sousan Han, Thessaloniki)

Live Recording at the historical building of Ben Sousan Han, Thessaloniki

Nikos Tzannis: Lyra of Istanbul (Lyra politiki – klasik kemence) Chrysostomos Vletsis: Oud, vocals Nikos Varelas: Frame drums

Recording/mixing: Nikos Papachristou Video: Christine Tsakmaka

© 2017 Éviho SoundLab productions

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18.1 Aémos Ensemble Live @ ‘Ypogeio’ Venue, Thessaloniki

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our new Granular effect synth

Coming up soon with new experimental timbres!

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St. George International Music Festival 2017

Dear friends !

delighted to announce my participation in St. George International Music Festival.

5 days full of concerts, music activities and a seminar i will be teaching on Music Technology and Musical Acoustics.

17 – 23 July in a marvelous place around Volvi lake.
Join us to record, experiment with and play our music ideas LIVE !!

Contact – info:
Nikos Papachristou (,
Dimitris Kitsos ( – Festival artistic director

Check out FB event:

St. George International Music Festival 2017

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*Music for Cochlear Implants*

Delighted to announce the release of the CD with the first concert of music for Cochlear Implant users in Spain.

The concert ¨music for cochlear implants¨(musIC), live music experience was designated either for people with hearing loss or normal hearing people. Various musicians from the area of Barcelona, presented their works and improvised in the same time that music visualizations representing the sound spectra of the musical signals were projected on screen.

Regarding the sound processing , the aim was to map/convert the dynamic range of the individual groups to an appropriate more limited range, for its amplification and adressing via magnetic loop as well as the investigation of music perception improvement from part of the users. In this topic, we will discuss the implementation of sound processing algorithms used for the visualizations, the dynamics processing, as well as the problems occurred and make estimations and conclusions for a possible
improvement in a similar approach.

You can get the Album through the following link:

For any information on Sound and Music for CI, i would be pleased to get your communication and feedback

Enjoy the recording!

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