Sound art, a time full of experiences and emotions, for every sound and  for every person i had the the chance to meet.

In my studio,  i realize integrated projects as well as demos. For your music/sound projects you are anytime welcome to visit  me. Here some studio productions with some great artists i had the pleasure to collaborate.


Bath Tub (Eleni Efthimiou)

The Vision (Stavros Sfiris)

ΜαθηματάριονMathimatárion´) psalm (interpretation: Dimos Papatzalakis)


Bal & Kan trıo (contemporary modal music) – Live stereo recording at ´estudio NAU de fundació Phonos´ UPF  (Barcelona, 2013/2014)


RnB Vintage Grooves: Yannis Korinthios, Mike Korakas & George Papazoglou(Crete 2009)


Slow Time Rnb chills: Yannis Korinthios feat. Mike Korakas & George Papazoglou (Crete, 2009)




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